Meet the Team: Senior IT Engineer, Cliff Hairston

  • Cliff Hairston, OneCall Christchurch

Meet the Team: Senior IT Engineer, Cliff Hairston

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Due to continued growth in the Canterbury region, we welcome Cliff Hairston as the latest member of the OneCall Christchurch team.

Hailing from West Virginia, USA, Cliff has been in the thick of the IT industry in Christchurch (as an engineer, trainer and consultant) for his full 22 years in NZ and another decade while in the US.

Having worked on sites from as small as one computer up to 5000+ node clusters, he has an expansive technical knowledge base ranging from some of the earliest technologies in the 80s up to today. Cliff puts his considerable experience to work for client organisations of all sizes across the Canterbury region.

A problem solver at heart, Cliff loves finding the solutions to some of the toughest issues placed in front of him and truly enjoys the feeling of meeting and exceeding a client’s expectations.

Outside of work

Outside of IT, Cliff has been a bass player for over 30 years as well as picking up photography again after a long break from the hobby.

Currently his focus is on astrophotography, landscapes, or anything interesting that happens to end up in front of his lens.

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