Implementing education IT technology brings unique challenges.

Security, accessibility, functionality and cost are just some of the hurdles, all of which have been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education IT hardware needs to be proven capable. The software must offer high levels of security and usability for education providers. And all of this needs to be rolled out methodically and at scale, with all of a school’s or region’s education professionals receiving appropriate training.

Teachers only form half of the equation. Today’s students will work in tomorrow’s world. As Dr Karen Poutasi, Chief Executive of NZQA puts it, “Today’s young people are growing up with technology. It’s an integral and very natural part of their lives. That means it makes sense that current learners, and those in the near future, should also be assessed using digital technology.”

Using technology to improve the delivery of education isn’t just an opportunity, it’s a responsibility.

There are a number of mitigating factors that must be considered when applying IT in schools and universities. Cyber security is a major consideration in terms of both system integrity and student welfare. Education budgets are forever strained, meaning that any new technology must offer obvious cost benefits over time. All solutions need to provide a seamless user experience, able to be navigated by the youngest of primary schoolers to the most rusted-on of teachers.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, schools and universities must find an IT provider that they can trust.

Here are some of the ways OneCall helps NZ education providers meet their IT needs.

The OneCall team boasts years of experience in delivering education VoIP and data, print, computer hardware and IT system solutions to the sector. You can trust us to assist you in:

  • Crafting a 1:1 tailored strategy for incorporating technology into your curriculum.
  • Assessing your current use of technology, and developing plans for future use, based on proven, cutting-edge solutions and best practice.
  • Understanding and incorporating your educational institute’s needs into a bespoke solution by gathering input from parents, teachers, students and your internal IT department.
  • Defining security and privacy parameters.
  • Reducing your costs with adoption of low-cost data and printing services. We can help you to cut costs by up to 50% while increasing functionality, by implementing workflow management procedures (which can even incorporate the use of MFD devices.)
  • Transitioning schools and universities to VoIP telephony, reducing cost and increasing functionality through features like broadcast, alarm and loud speaker modes.

Post-COVID-19 the education sector should not be tempted to revert to the traditional. It should instead see an opportunity to build on the rapid technological progress it has made. At OneCall we can help you to do just that.


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