Legal IT technology is changing how services are delivered in NZ.

In the last decade, we’ve seen more IT technological change than ever before. From the simple act of legal practitioners checking emails on Blackberry devices or using macros to automatically generate documents, many legal professionals have turned to the cloud for a way to work better, smarter and more efficiently.

The cloud and other IT technologies for law firms

By using smart tech like the cloud to automate tasks, increase speed and improve accuracy, firms are able to spend more time doing the more human elements of the job like creating better relationships with clients and developing their craft, which in turn leads to greater job satisfaction.

Cloud technology in particular is being adopted across the sector; in accessing case law, in research, in managing documents, and in communicating with and billing clients.

But the benefits of these new technologies are only realised if the solution is fit for purpose. In the legal sector your potential to earn is governed by the way you manage and utilise your time and resources. The benefits of the cloud, for example, are only truly realised if it offers secure remote access and guaranteed uptime.

That’s where OneCall comes in.

OneCall legal sector services

Infinitylaw software support

Our OneCall engineers have a decade of experience with Infinitylaw, and are able to supply and assemble your entire Infinitylaw setup, from the hardware and workstations, to the software and RBACs (role-based access controls.) Infinitylaw is the ideal legal practice management solution for medium to large legal firms. Read more here.


OneCall can take care of all your voice and data (VoIP) requirements, such as liaising with Chorus, switching your business to fibre, and setting up cloud-based data sharing and storage systems.

Legal IT Procurement

OneCall can both advise on and procure hardware, servers, systems and legal software in NZ – everything you need to get your firm as efficient and effective as possible.

Secure Network

As an industry reliant on confidentiality, digital security is crucial for legal practices. OneCall can ensure that your business and clients aren’t compromised by outside threats.

Dragon Software

A game-changing piece of technology with New Zealand-specific add ons, dictation and transcription has never been easier than with Dragon Legal. Let OneCall get you up and running with Dragon Legal software (and then wonder how you ever worked without it).

Call us today for a complimentary consultation, in which we’ll gain an understanding of your business goals and determine how technology can help to realise them. We’ll build a long term plan that will futureproof your organisation, ensuring you remain ahead of your competitors and at the leading edge of innovation.

We’re confident in our ability to deliver a return on your investment, so we offer flexible packages that allow you to spread the cost of an upgrade. Buy outright, lease, or pay in instalments over a three to five year period.


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