Infinitylaw software allows you to run your firm in the most efficient and effective way possible.

OneCall work with many legal firms that are running Infinitylaw software as their practice management solution. We support the implementation and ongoing maintenance of legal practice management software in NZ through procurement and set-up of fit for purpose IT hardware and networking equipment.  Having the right infrastructure to support an essential business solution will ensure you can rely on 24/7 operation within a secure environment. Our aim is to help you simplify workflow management, increase productivity and reduce your costs.

What is Infinitylaw Software?

Infinity law is an all-in-one law practice management software that enables you to seamlessly manage your legal practice from end to end. The centralised system is then able to connect to a wealth of other legal tools, improving workflow and saving you time and money.

There are numerous benefits reported by NZ lawyers, some of which include:

  • Firms are able to automate workflows with full end to end practice management
  • Seamlessly integrate with Westlaw NZ to access market leading legal research, forms and precedents.
  • Empower your fee earners to work more effectively with simple and efficient time recording.
  • Enhance your business development capabilities with Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools, such as email templates, client event planning and reporting.
  • Track performance across firm, team and individual level over a desired date range from a single dashboard.
  • Support your AML/CFT obligations with inbuilt compliance tools to track suspicious activity, conduct client due diligence and more.
  • Improve the way you capture time with multiple running clocks that can be paused and restarted in a single click.

Who is Infinitylaw software for?

Infinitylaw is designed for medium to large legal practices (usually with 12 or more team members) who require a system that can cope with the complexity that comes with running such firms.

How can OneCall help with your Software Implementation?

Our consultant engineers have over a decade of experience in legal IT procurement and the set up and maintenance of Infinitylaw software systems. Our Infinity law services include:

Set up

We gain an understanding of your firm’s needs, before designing and constructing a system of IT hardware that will support the software. Our focus is to develop an asset management strategy that aligns with your strategic plan and supports your growth beyond five years.


We’ll set up individual workstations with appropriately spec’d hardware that allow each team member to do their job efficiently and effectively.


We ensure information can only be accessed by authorised parties using role-based access controls.

Service and support

We support your firm in learning how to get the most out of Infinity law. We’ll also maintain both the hardware and software, making updates where required, to ensure you enjoy the benefits in the long term.

Are you looking to enhance the way you run your firm? Contact our friendly team today to find out how OneCall could help support your Infinity law solution.

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