A smart investment in IT can more than pay itself back for non-profit organisations and charities.

Supporting themselves while supporting others; we appreciate the assignment for non-profits and charities is a complex one. Smart non-profit and charity IT technology solutions can help such an organisation to navigate the challenges it faces, but with the bulk of funds being directed to the greater cause, any internal investment must stand up under heavy scrutiny. OneCall’s charity IT services have been developed with an understanding that in this context, every dollar is precious.

Non-profits and charities feel the financial pinch more than most. Striking a balance between internal and external spend, doing all that they can to maximise the latter while minimising the former, is a tricky task. By increasing fundraising efficiency and effectiveness, IT can be an incredibly valuable tool for non-profits and charities, provided it can substantiate the investment.

Charity cloud technology can dramatically cut costs by reducing (and sometimes removing) the need for organisations to make large, one-off hardware and software purchases. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions instead allow you to pay only for what you need, be it software, storage or computing power. Other innovative non-profit IT solutions that can offer an instant return on investment include VoIP for charity and low cost data plans.

While ongoing not-for-profit IT support may need to be squeezed into operating expenses, necessary hardware costs may be able to be met through fundraising or grants. In these cases a non-profit or charity must procure computer hardware that is fit for purpose, that will last, and that it won’t outgrow in the next few years.

Privacy and usability are other key IT considerations. With many non-profits and charities providing services to members of the public, data security should be of utmost concern. In terms of user experience, volunteers and temporary workers, some of whom may not be particularly tech literate, must be able to navigate and operate a given IT solution.

Finding an IT provider who brings non-profit and charity experience can ensure that you enjoy all the perks of a modern IT system, without the potential pitfalls.

Here are some of the ways OneCall helps NZ non-profits and charities meet their IT needs.

Armed with years of non-profit and charity IT solutions experience, the team at OneCall can guide you through the maze of modern tech and develop a cost-effective IT solution that works for you. We understand the need to balance considerations like security and usability while staying within a tight budget, and can ensure that whatever investment you make in your organisation’s IT will be more than paid back. We offer a suite of non-profit and charity-specific solutions, including:

  • Developing an IT infrastructure roadmap.
  • Helping you increase the cost-effectiveness of your IT by providing low cost VoIP, data and printing solutions.
  • Understanding and assisting you in securing non-profit and charity-specific IT grants. Microsoft, for example, offers non-profits up to a US$3500 solution on its Azure platform, removing the need for an in-office server.
  • Identifying and procuring IT hardware that will last.
  • Providing training to stakeholders, users and internal IT teams.
  • Establishing robust information security protocols, and defining and implementing network best practices.

The IT challenges faced by non-profits and charities are many and varied. Some of these challenges, like the financial ones, are there by design. Having worked with organisations from across the non-profit and charity spectrum, from troubled teen programs to rehabilitation centres, at OneCall we understand the need to ensure that any investment made in the organisation results in a healthy return. And you can trust us to deliver just that.


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