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Driven forward by new levels of connectedness, we understand the manufacturing sector is currently in the midst of a technological revolution.

We’re here to help with manufacturing IT services designed to keep clients ahead of the curve.

Cyberphysical systems and the cloud have made a manufacturer’s location less relevant in some ways, as almost anything could be made almost anywhere, but more relevant in others, as developing countries could outbid developed.

This means, as a first world nation that often finds itself competing with the developing world, New Zealand manufacturers have a unique challenge on their hands and rely more than ever on the support of their IT professionals.

Despite this, manufacturing continues to be one of the greatest contributors to the NZ economy, generating $36 billion per year and employing 11% of the workforce. New Zealand manufacturers are adapting, with some turning their focus to short runs of bespoke products, and others looking to outpace foreign competitors by developing sophisticated tooling and automation.

All this means that investing in the right IT infrastructure and partnering with a quality service provider has never been more important.

At OneCall we understand that staying one step ahead of the competition is an expensive and challenging exercise, and that systems must perform as they’re designed to. We’ve worked with businesses in a variety of manufacturing sectors across NZ, from food and beverage, to plastics, rubber and metals, who have not only weathered turbulent market conditions but continue to grow through them.

Whether you’re looking to manufacture 24/7, or scale production two-, three- or four-fold, you need to be confident that your machinery’s IT software and hardware is up to the task. You need to know that these systems will be properly maintained, and that if an issue does arise, a qualified professional will instantly be on hand to fix it.

At OneCall we believe an IT issue should never be the cause of down time for a manufacturer. You can be confident that your IT infrastructure will be secure, will perform as promised, and will last the distance.

We bring a proven track record of servicing the manufacturing industry, and pride ourselves on delivering an IT service when and where you need it, with deep expertise from engineers who understand your business.


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