What are the advantages of acquiring an MFD printer for your office?

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What are the advantages of acquiring an MFD printer for your office?

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How an MFD printer for your business can make office life easier

Not long ago, it was common for even medium to large businesses to have separate devices for functions such as printing, copying, and faxing but an improvement in the affordability and capability of MFDs means most businesses of whatever size will prefer this option.

What is an MFD printer?

MFD stands for Multi-Function Device; other terms you might hear are Multi-Function Printer (MFP) or All-In-One (AIO).  Multi-Function Devices typically combine the functions of printing, scanning, and photocopying, and may also have additional publishing features such as stapling and sorting; or communications features such as the ability to send faxes.

Why are businesses moving to MFD printer solutions?

Using a single MFD for your business confers a few advantages over having separate devices for different tasks –

  • You save on office space.The more functions your MFD offers, the fewer stand-alone devices you need to find space for.  Not having to find a separate space each for a scanner, a copier, a fax machine, and a printer makes for considerable space savings in your office.
  • Staff only have to master the use of one piece of equipment, rather than multiple different devices.  And many MFDs offer additional features you may not have considered purchasing otherwise.  Fax capability is an example – few businesses would seriously consider buying a stand-alone fax machine given how seldom they are used nowadays; but an MFD with built-in fax means that if you find yourself dealing with a company who still uses their fax for business purposes, you can send and receive them without hassle.
  • Cost Savings. Purchasing one machine with multiple functions provides obvious cost benefits.  The cost of most MFDs is significantly less than that of buying a single machine for each of the functions on offer.  And maintaining one device is more affordable than the upkeep on multiple separate machines.

MFD Printers and Sustainability

Using MFDs for business can be an important part of your office’s sustainability practices.  Using one device for mulitple different functions saves on power.

And as more businesses look to reducing their paper use as an important move towards sustainability, MFDs facility for emailing, scanning, and other purely digital output means that much more than just being another form of printer, they can be an important part of paperless and low-paper offices.

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