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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – a business telephone system that allows you to make cost-effective calls in New Zealand over the internet. VoIP technology passes your voice through a business-grade internet connection, instead of using the traditional telephone network.

  • Your organisation can make endless simultaneous calls without ever having a busy or engaged line.

  • Smart and robust equipment ensures quality of service, with voice taking priority over regular internet use.

  • The phone system can expand and contract as required.

  • Reception can transfer calls to any extension, and can see who is available and unavailable via a smart display.

  • Each user can leave their own voice message, and can set customised messages that activate at certain times of the day/week/year.

  • Any alterations to the call flow, set up, extensions, or voice mail can be completed in-house and free of charge.

  • In the event of UFB down time, all calls can be forwarded to mobile phones.

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There is a VoIP system for everyone. Whether you are moving from an existing provider or looking to move to VoIP for the first time.

A hosted VoIP solution is entirely cloud-based and best suited to mid-market businesses looking for a fixed cost business telephone solution with added functionality and reduced call costs. Enjoy total transparency with no hidden PABX costs, and no additional maintenance charges. Each user has their own line, and calls are routed through the internet.

What is a hosted phone system?

Simply put, hosted telecoms (also known as hosted voice) are telephone systems that reside in the cloud rather than in your office.  Users access the hosted telephone system through a standard IP handset and/or mobile app, and calls are made and received over an internet connection routed to both desktop and mobile devices.

Similar to traditional Telephony, you will have a on-premise telephone system but route your calls using SIP Trunks rather than ISDN channels. SIP Trunks are best suited for larger businesses as this type of IP Telephony can prove more cost effective than Hosted VoIP if there are a lot of users.

What is a SIP Trunk?

SIP Trunking (or SIP) is a public IP Telephony Service that’s based on session initiated protocol lines. By merging both voice and data, SIP provides a more economical option for many organisations. SIP enables all internal calls to stay inside the company’s WAN, avoiding handoff to the Telecoms provider in New Zealand; call charges for traversing to the PSTN. Due to this, SIP can reduce your rental and call charges dramatically. We have a variety of solutions available and where we can we will work with existing equipment in order to keep your costs low.

I already have a PABX can you help?

Yes. OneCall can provide full support for existing phone systems. Our team of professionals pride themselves on providing the very best, local service at a very competitive price.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cost-effective cloud-based phone system that can replace on-site PBX. It is fully integrated into Microsoft Office 365, so that voice calls can be made in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Business Voice helps companies unify their communications and integrate seamlessly in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem that can be accessed from any device.

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