How Can Reviewing Your IT Structure Increase Productivity?

  • Is IT affecting your business productivity?

How Can Reviewing Your IT Structure Increase Productivity?

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Anyone who has worked with computers, phone systems and other equipment in an office environment knows the frustrations of an IT system that isn’t working.

Logins that don’t work or you can’t remember or manage easily; file management systems that are hard to access or navigate to find the information you need in a hurry; client information that is buried under layers of folders and not easy to search for inside your system; software that needs updating; software that fails; networks that regularly go down.

And that’s before any kind of security breach or other external issues that can bring everything to a grinding halt.

All too often, we see organisations with staff who are frustrated and losing hours of productive time each week to systems that are not working properly, or not setup to be user friendly.

And as humans are inclined to do, all too often they set up their own system workarounds, simply to get their jobs done – and that can mean your network security is at risk.

What’s the solution?

To ensure that your organisation’s systems and software are optimised for their intended purpose, user-friendly, and secure, it’s important to seek the guidance of experienced IT consultants who are skilled in establishing functional and secure IT systems.

Requirements analysis

Investing time to ensure the IT consultants who are reviewing your system have a clear understanding of your requirements as an organisation, plus the priorities in terms of mission critical functionality and where the current pain points are for your team is key.

At OneCall, our consultant engineers have expectations working with organisations across a range of industry sectors and from 20 – 300 staff.

We take the time to accurately assess what is required and how to get the best outcomes for both management and staff, who are using your systems on a daily basis. We match your business needs with the capabilities and costs of today’s modern technology to recommend the right solution for you and your budget, considering security at every step of the process.


Ensuring your staff are able to get on with their jobs without technology holding them back is a priority for us, as well as providing the ongoing support required to ensure systems are monitored and kept up to date.

For further assistance around reviewing your IT systems and increasing your business productivity, please get in touch with the OneCall team.

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